Finance & Accounting

We mainly offer backend & front end operational services for all kind of business to grow & achieve   there business objectives,  we provide the services that make up business function such as accounting, administration, business communication, data processing, document handling.


What we do?

Designing operations to transform resource or data inputs into desired goods, services, or results, and create and deliver value to the customers.Designing core business process to make the daily office routine things more easy & much better. When it comes to designing business operation & standard process for any business like banking, Health & wellness, finance & wealth management, e commerce, Hotel & Hospitality we mainly work on following fundamental principal:


Our major Working responsibilities include

Assist and support administrative staff in their day to day operations.

Assist and coordinate with sales and marketing teams, loan dept, transaction dept & to all other front end team to make the process more smoother.

Conduct marketing research, document and report to the marketing department.

Support sales staff in handling and documenting customer accounts.

Perform competitor product analysis and prepare reports.

Prepare and reconcile customer balances.

Correct discrepancies in customer account balances.

Assist inventory controlling staff in maintaining inventory records..

Assist front office in preparing, scheduling and organizing meetings, events and appointments.

Main problem in co oertative bank

1) For customer analysis:

as per part of customer analysis need to devlop a questioner which can accuratly determine customer trend & choosyness, which will helps us to design customer oriented policies to increase customer gain Unstructured data analytics that can incorporate information from online discussion forums, social networks and call scripts to determine customer sentiment or market opportunities. Real-time analysis of data sources, such as financial markets stock exchanges, or news

2) Encouragement to Saving and Investment: