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Data Management & Corporate Analysis

We mainly provide complete end-to-end data analysis as well Extract, Transform & load services for healthcare & banking industry. The banking & Helathcare industry are  data-intensive with typically massive graveyards of unused and unappreciated processing data. As this two industries face increasing pressure to stay profitable, understanding customers & patients needs and preferences becomes a critical success factor

Specially when it comes to Healthcare industry rendering a standard & affordable services is also one of the important objective of many clinics & hospital. So we always focus on doing research & analysis on various healthcare services & healthcare need of people so that we can find out best cost model where providers can render services at affordable rates by introducing many modern techniques.

We provide solutions to healthcare centers for management and reporting of data on medication inventory, clinical services, patient data, marketing activities and others.

Apart from this  some new models of proactive risk management are being increasingly adopted by major banks and Healthcare institution , especially in the wake of Basel II accord. Through Data mining and advanced analytics techniques, banks are better equipped to manage market uncertainty, minimize fraud, and control exposure risk.

Banking analytics, or applications of data mining in banking, can help improve how banks segment, target, acquire and retain customers. Additionally, improvements to risk management, customer understanding, risk and fraud enable banks to maintain and grow a more profitable customer base.

The importance of these measures has been implied in the Basel II accord that explicitly emphasizes the need to embrace intelligent credit management methodologies in order to manage market uncertainty and minimize exposure risk.

As Per Data Analysis Concern We Mainly Focus On Following Segments

We have done R & D for all relevant things of Healthcare & Banking industry with respect to these three segments & designed effective procedure to meet our clients goal. We helps our clients to implement business intelligence & analytics techniques in Reporting, cost reduction, better risk management, better view info financial data,  re-engineering in business process, data sharing for better decision making.

What We Provide

1) Business Intelligence services:

  • Data collection from different sources
  • Data parsing, cleaning and integration
  • Data warehouse and ETL
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) for exploratory data analysis
  • Predefined reports, corporate KPI and dashboards preparation

  • Some important types of report are

  • Medication Classification Report
  • Missed Medications
  • Hospital Readmissions
  • Employee Performance Report
  • Community Marketing Activity Summary

2) Data Mining

  • Historical data analysis
  • Finding data trends for effective decision making
  • Customer behaviour prediction
  • Personalized customer experience

3) Data warehouse testing

  • ETL testing
  • BI testing
  • Performance testing
  • DWH security testing

Challenges We Solve


Our data scientists will review your data, remove duplicates, erroneous and unreliable records. In a word, we’ll run all the required data cleaning procedures to ensure that your data is of high quality. In addition, we can advise what extra data can improve analysis accuracy.


Our data consultants have a close look at your data to identify outliers. As a next step, we differentiate between signals and noise. For that, we may need expanding the data set and analyzing additional parameters, as well as consulting subject matter experts. Then we clear your data from unwanted noise, which ultimately improves the accuracy of your model.

Huge amounts of data and data variety

To meet this challenge, our DWH testing engineers thoroughly select data samples to create quality test data. They also run performance testing to make sure large amounts of data don’t slow down the query execution time.


Testing some DWH components (OLAP cubes and reporting) requires business understanding. Our testing engineers apply professional knowledge in 10+ domains, including retail, healthcare, banking and financial services, manufacturing, and more, to ensure that your solution is fully functional.

Benefits of  data analysis

Integrate data from disparate systems

Monitor your company’s performance from different angles

Explore details and find problem root causes

Result analysis and accountability

Thinking about outsourcing data management project? Our consultants will be happy to support you. Or have you stumbled upon a challenge that keeps you from moving forward? – Our team will help you resolve it.


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